Weekly Anticipation Index: 'Iron Man'

Featured Stories - on March 06, 2010 by Phil Contrino

Paramount's Iron Man 2 promises to start the summer movie season off with a bang.

This week, we've added Iron Man 2 to our Anticipation Index. The Paramount release hits theaters on May 7.


Iron Man 2 boasts one of the best release dates of the year. Moviegoers have been trained to think of the first full weekend in May as the beginning of the summer movie season, so they'll be ready for more action-packed adventures of Tony Stark.

How a studio fares during the summer can make or break their entire year, and Paramount will start off strong with this sequel. Iron Man launched on May 2, 2008 to a staggering $102.1 million, and it showed strong staying power by reaching $318.4 million domestically by the end of its theatrical run. There's no reason to think that the second installment won't be able to help the franchise grow.

Check out our predictions for Iron Man 2 as well as other films in the table below.

Weekly Anticipation Index, March 6, 2010
Title Release Date Distributor Opening Weekend Cumulative
Green Zone March 12 Universal $20M $55M
Remember Me March 12 Summit $15M $35M
She's Out of My League March 12 Paramount $8M $30M
The Bounty Hunter March 19 Sony/Columbia $27M $75M
Diary of Wimpy Kid March 19 20th Century Fox $12M $40M
Repo Men March 19 Universal $9M $23M
Hot Tub Time Machine March 26 MGM $15M $45M
How to Train Your Dragon March 26 DreamWorks Animation $50M $160M
The Last Song March 31 Disney $15M $45M
Clash of the Titans April 2 Warner Bros. $65M $180M
Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Too? April 2 Lionsgate $22M $50M
Date Night April 9 20th Century Fox $40M $125M
Kick-Ass April 16 Lionsgate $30M $75M
Death at a Funeral April 16 Sony/Screen Gems $18M $50M
Oceans April 22 Disney $7M $22M
Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps April 23 20th Century Fox $16M $37M
The Losers April 23 Warner Bros. $14M $32M
The Back-up Plan April 23 CBS Films $10M $27M
A Nightmare on Elm Street April 30 Warner Bros./New Line $36M $70M
Furry Vengeance April 30 Summit $11M $35M
Iron Man 2 May 7 Paramount $135M $380M

Additional reporting by Daniel Garris and Alex Edghill.

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