GLOBAL REPORT: 'Batman v Superman' Opens to More than $400M Worldwide

on March 27, 2016


No one else put up much of a fight against the onslaught of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice at the global box office. The film launched in 66 markets this weekend, finishing its first frame with $254 million overseas.

China led all international markets with a $57.3 million haul from approximately 16k screens, making it the biggest WB opener of all time in the market. The UK finished the weekend with $21.9 million, the biggest March opener of all time in the market.

The weekend's other top performers include: Mexico ($18.6M), Brazil ($12.2M), South Korea ($10.5M), Australia ($10M), Russia ($8.5M), France ($8.4M), Germany ($8.2M), Spain ($6.3M), Italy ($5.8M), and Japan ($4.4M).

Warner Bros. is reporting the following overseas records:
• Biggest Superhero opening weekend of all time
• All time biggest March opening
• WB's biggest opening of all-time in China
• WB's biggest IMAX opening of all time
• 2nd biggest WB int'l opening of all-time (behind HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART 2)
• Biggest opening for a Ben Affleck film
• Biggest opening for a Zack Snyder film
• Biggest opening for a Henry Cavill film

Batman vs. Superman finished its first weekend with a $424.1 million global haul.

Disney crossed the $1 billion mark overseas for the year in record time on Friday, thanks largely in part to the recent success of Zootopia in the international marketplace. Zootopia welcomed $42.5million from 52 territories in its latest weekend overseas. The Disney film opened in the UK to $7.3 million (including previews). China leads all markets with a whopping $201 million, followed by Russia ($28.4M), France ($26.8M), Germany ($22.1M), and South Korea ($20.5M). Zootopia has grossed a total of $456.2 million outside of North America and $696.7 million worldwide.

Kung Fu Panda 3 grossed $21.5 million from 64 markets this weekend, including a 4th place debut in Australia of $2.3 million from 320 locations. The animated film has now grossed $292.7 million overseas and $432.1 million globally with four new markets set to open next week, including France.

The Divergent Series: Allegiant made $9.5 million from 78 markets, taking its overseas cume up to $71.8 million. The film's top markets include France ($10.2M), Brazil ($6.4M), Russia ($5.8M), UK ($5.4M), and Mexico ($4.5M). The film has grossed a total of $118.4 million worldwide with Australia coming up next on the release schedule on April 14.

The Revenant grossed $8.7m over the weekend to reach a $324.2 million overseas total.  The film continues to excel in China, where it finished the weekend with an estimated $6.7 million that raises its market cume up to $51.3 million. The Revenant has grossed $506.1 million worldwide.

Deadpool grossed $3 million from 31 markets to reach an overseas cume of $396.5 million. The superhero flick has grossed a total of $746.2 million globally.

Gods of Egypt grossed $2.3 million from 74 markets. The film has now grossed $102.4 million outside of North America. China continues to be the top global market with $34.7 million. Other leading markets overseas include Russia ($9.8M), South Korea ($6.4M), Brazil ($4.6M), and Mexico ($4.6M). A number of high profile remain on the schedule, including Belgium (March 30), France (April 6), Germany (April 21), Spain (May 20), and UK (June 17). Gods of Egypt has grossed more than $132 million worldwide.

Hail Ceasar! took $1 million from 30 territories over the weekend, including a $152k debut at 211 dates in South Korea. The Coen Brothers' latest film has grossed a total of $29.5 million overseas with four territories left on its schedule: Brazil (April 14), Mexico (April 22), Argentina (April 28), and Japan (May 14). The film has grossed $59.6 million globally.


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