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Hollywood, Please Do Something About Your Secret Bigotry Problem

Embarrassing outbursts are an inevitable consequence of failing to call people out for the horrible things they say in private. Read more »

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NEW BOXOFFICE WEEKLY ON THE IPAD: Greek Gods, American Legends, Bank Robbers and Bar Fights

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Frank Miller and When, Or When Not to Separate the Art From the Artist

The Comics legend and Co-Director of 'Sin City' has never been a cool guy, but has he crossed over into Mel Gibson Territory? Read more »

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Johnny Knoxville Talks 3D Nudity, Fan Enthusiasm and Being Awkward in High School

We caught up with the 'Jackass 3D' star Read more »

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Good Cop/Bad Cop

Kevin Smith's Cop Out and Antoine Fugua's Brooklyn's Finest will present moviegoers with a choice. Read more »

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A New Take on 'Fame'

Kevin Tancharoen, the director of the upcoming Fame remake, discusses his own trip to the top. Read more »

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Abraham Discusses 'Flash'

Veteran producer Marc Abraham decided to take on a true story for his directorial debut. Read more »

Displaying all 7 results