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Number Crunch: Are Sleeper Hits Undervalued Next to Blockbusters?

The strength of 2013's box office--and the years beyond--could depend on Hollywood's next steps outside of franchises. Read more »

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O Brother, Am I Accurate? We Rank the Fictitious Great Depression Flicks

From George Clooney to Steve Martin, who did retro best? Read more »

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The 'Avengers' Bump: What Do 'Thor' & 'Captain America' Sequels Stand to Gain in the Wake of 'Iron Man 3'?

As IRON MAN 3 breaks records, perspective is required as expectations for further solo AVENGERS titles exponentially rise. Read more »

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5 Films You Need to Watch This Halloween - Part One: 'Blood on the Highway'

Opinion: We offer a few alternatives to the usual parade of sequels, remakes and idiotic mainstream horror. Consider it a public service. Read more »

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On 'Blade Runner', And Tinkering With A Finished Film

How 'Moon' Visual Effects Supervisor Gavin Rothery's interesting take on the sci fi classic changed my mind about post-release tinkering. Read more »

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Five Minute Film Guide: Every Indie Film Opening This Weekend (5/4/12 Edition)

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Displaying all 6 results