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'Lovers' Overshadowed by Phoenix

Writer/director James Gray discusses the odd behavior of the star of his new film, Two Lovers. Read more »

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Director David Dobkin Talks 'The Change-Up,' CG Boobs and Returning to His Indie Roots

The Clay Pigeons director explains how to ground a movie where characters switch bodies Read more »

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BOXOFFICE Picks 2010's Best Films

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'Slumdog' Snags Eight Oscars

The little indie that could has now won the biggest prize that the movie industry has to offer. Read more »

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Scientology's Summer of Pain: Why it Makes 'The Master' Smile

P.T. Anderson couldn't be happier at all the free publicity his prestige flick is getting Read more »

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Good Cop/Bad Cop

Kevin Smith's Cop Out and Antoine Fugua's Brooklyn's Finest will present moviegoers with a choice. Read more »

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Why Are Movies About Art So Terrible?

'The Words' doesn't get art -- but it's not alone Read more »

Displaying all 7 results