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Big Expectations For A Little Robot

This Friday, Pixar and Disney will add WALL-E to their already classic list of collaborations. Based on those past films, a high level of optimism on the part of industry experts comes as no surprise. Read more »

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From Animation to Live-Action: Director Brad Bird Takes on a 'Mission: Impossible'

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On Muppets and Muppet Music

A look into some of what makes Muppets so magical Read more »

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Unconventional Choices for the 'STAR WARS' Takeover

Episode VII and the Disney deal are dominating Internet chatter, so what do we think? Read more »

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Entering One-Hit Wonder Territory

We take a look at 10 stars of recent films that may have a little trouble following up the roles that made them famous. Read more »

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'Bolt'-ing Into Action

BOXOFFICE caught up with Bolt directors Chris Williams and Byron Howard to discuss the 3D flick. Read more »

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Number Crunch: Pixar Perfect?

Pixar is still making hits—but they've stopped hitting the bulls-eye Read more »

Displaying all 7 results